Craving Cherries?

Let me count ... there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, ... 15, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 or so cherries on this one ... and I LUUUUUUUV cherries!

Officially this is called a "Stretch Strapless Softcup Bra G-String Skirt" ... that's a mouth-full ... of cherries of course!

Anyone else like cherries?

P.S.: Don't tell me you are still trying to figure out how I counted the cherries :D

Bikini Day - Part 5

Notice it's not neon-yellow, it's not bright-yellow, it's not "strong" yellow ... it's "soft" (pastell/light/non-agro) yellow. Thats how yellow bikinis should look! Also ... make sure you have a bit of a tan unless you want to look like an egg (yellow on white).

And when shooting pictures with a yellow bikini, don't stand in front of a weird pink wall - it will look crap.

Dark walls like the one in my bedroom would work much better for you ;)

Bikini Day - Part 4

This I did find a bit odd ... why would they put black polka-dots on a black background ... kinda makes it look like a black bikini only.

Any theories? Please post em in the comments below.

Btw. I think this "trunk" is particularly well shaped and designed.

Bikini Day - Part 3 - Light or Dark Dots?

Since I am taking a very serious scientific approach to this ... I prefer light dots on dark surfaces. Proof is above. If you like the left one better ... well, you're wrong!

Bikini Day - Part 2 - Dots or No Dots?

After just thinking about polka dots versus no polka dots I thought I'd really like to know what I prefer ... and the answer is a resounding "BOTH!".

I've been mulling over this for hours now and I still cannot find any reason to prefer one over the other. What do you think?

Okay, I am gonna choose the one without the dots this time. Mind if I try licking the dots off the other one for comparisons sake?

Bikini Day - Part 1

I thought today might be a nice day to focus on bikinis. Then again every day is a nice day when you can focus on bikinis :D

It's not that I have a thing for polka dots but she does look cute with all those dots on her. Which one to focus on? Which one did you instinctively focus on when I just said that? Ha ha! Same here!

Kudos to the designers this time for making it possible with only very few string-pulls to remove the bikini in case it spontaneously bursts into flames.

In all honesty, the headband is what did it for me ... the rest can go as far as I am concerned :D

Also I like the way her make-up subtly matches.

Found it here ...

Sarah's Mother - Part 2

While running away I briefly looked back ... and this is what I saw ... then ... I tripped and fell hard!

My face is now all bruised and scratched ... with a huge smile and loads of sand in my mouth!

I should have stayed :D But then what would Sarah have said? She hasn't been very cheerful since her parents got divorced.

They always tell you to "stop, look, listen" ... where on Earth did I get that "run" part from?

New Rule: "stop, look, listen, don't run"

Sarah's Mother

Errm, hello.


Errm, is Sarah home?

No, she is out surfing, she'll be back soon. Do you wanna wait for her?

Errm, no. Errm, I'll call her. Errm bye.

*errm, run*

[errm, *source]

Eye Surgery in Argentina

If you are awaiting eye surgery in Argentina, then this is likely what you can see. Ooops, I forgot ... you probably cant even read this text.

Well if you cannot read this text you need eye surgery, and if you are in Argentina you might be seeing a blurry image on the left.

If you are not in Argentina and have perfect eyesight you will be able to read this, but you will be seeing a blurry image on the left. If the image is in focus, you don't actually have perfect eyesight. How on earth are you reading this then?

If the image on the left is in focus and this text is out of focus ... everything is fine, except your eyes.

If you have the slightest idea what this is all about, please tell us in the comments ;)

(Solution: click this image: )


Who is the hotter lingerie model? Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks?

Heidi Klum vs. Tyra Banks?